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Hub-City Inc. 

Hub City provides power transmission products for use in recreation, transportation, military, packaging, construction, communication, material handling, medical and food processing equipment.

Over 50% of our products are either modified or completely custom. A company on the leading edge of technology, we take pride in understanding our customers' needs and in providing cost-effective solutions.

Our success with custom-designed products has inspired one of the most extensive, high quality standard product lines in the industry.

Hub City has the ability to provide standard, modified standard and custom products, no matter how large or small. Hub City is committed to providing excellent customer service, outstanding quality, fine workmanship and timely delivery of all Hub City components.


To deliver the most complete selection of power transmission belts, hose, and couplings to a global marketplace in a manner which promotes Jason Industrial's identity as a responsive, value oriented supplier and partner.

Carlisle Power Transmission, we are all driven
to give our customers—our distributors, original
equipment manufacturers and end-users—not only
the best quality belts, but also the best customer service,
the best engineering solutions and the best turnaround time
in the industry. Carlisle is singularly devoted to industrial belts
and the success of our partners around the world.

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